Time to Commit!

Let this blog entry serve as my declaration, to all those interested (yeah, I know…) that one way or the other, I will be publishing Dark Houses, the first book in the Nomads’ Land series.

The book is still in the running over at the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award – but there are 249 other books still competing in the YA category.  This is after people have read our blurbs and our first chapters, so it seems unlikely that there are any total messes still being considered. So, realistically, the odds are against my book making the cut. Not that I wouldn’t love to keep going with the contest – it’s fun! But I shouldn’t count on winning it as my ‘ticket to big-time publishing’.

Which is fine. I was getting kind of excited about the self-publishing options anyway. I found a great artist who does covers (http://nathie.deviantart.com/gallery/4243933) and I can pretty-well picture the way I’d like my cover to look… one of his lush forest scenes, with almost-ghostly nomads melting in and out of the trees, and a walled city in the background, and Caylen in the front, looking like she’s torn in two directions.

And I’ve got some time set aside for giving the MS another run through – I’m still not totally enamored of the resolution to the story, but I haven’t been able to come up with a more satisfying ending – and I have a good editor lined up. So, really, I’m ready to go.

But I would be happy to drop all that if Penguin came calling! Or even a strong smaller publisher, one who could get the book in front of the right people. Because other than Hunger Games hysteria, which I’ve probably mostly missed due to spending time waiting on this contest, I don’t have a whole lot of marketing ideas. I mean, the standard stuff – blog (!), submit for reviews, make sure it’s properly tagged on Amazon, etc… but nothing that compares with having it in the Penguin catalog. So, entering the contest seemed like a chance I should take, even though it slowed down the process.

Hopefully it will pay off. But even if it doesn’t — look out, world. The Nomads are coming!