Huh… not too upset, really!

by Catherine Dale

I didn’t make it to the next round of the ABNA contest. I’m still pleased with how far the story got – one of the final 250 out of 5 000, so, not bad! 

I am a bit bummed that the ‘reviewer’ clearly didn’t read much more than the first little bit of the book. I wasn’t really expecting to win the contest, but I WAS expecting to get a valuable critique, and I didn’t. Well, I guess there’s a bit of it I can use, and it’s always good to know the point at which someone stopped reading, but obviously I was hoping to hear a reaction to the entire book, not the first few chapters.

But, onward and upward… I’m actually really excited about getting to pick my own cover artist, because I love Nathie’s work (check it out at and had actually contacted him about doing a cover before I started with the ABNA thing. So now I get to go ahead with that! Very exciting. I’m working on the detail sheet now, and I think it could be really gorgeous.

So, yay! Cover art and a faster publication date! Excellent…