Wow – it’s out there!

by Catherine Dale

It’s here! It’s there! It’s everywhere!!!

The Old Ones had built wonderful cities, flown through the air and maybe even into space, and left behind fascinating relics. But that civilization was long gone, lost in the Dark Times, and Caylen feels no regret. She’s a nomad, and while the Wildlands between the cities can be dangerous, they’re also her home. She can’t imagine living any other way.

When her band of nomads rescues a young nobleman from the city, Caylen’s mother wants to deliver him to the nearest waypost, collect her reward, and move on. But Caylen is intrigued by Logan, and worried that his predictions of trouble for the nomads may be accurate. In order to protect the Wildlands she loves, Caylen may have to leave them behind and go to the city. It’s a whole new world, where Caylen’s nomad skills mean nothing. She’ll have to learn a whole new way of fighting, if she wants to live long enough to find her way back home.

It’s only available through Amazon for the first three months (I know, I know… but I want to give it a try.)

If you want to give the first chapter a look, it’s available here.

Thanks for your interest!