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Month: June, 2012

More Book Stalking – Free Books are FUN!!!

In celebration of the release of the print copy (the gradual release, apparently, but it’s a start), I used up two of my Amazon free days, June 23 and 24. Now I’m watching as the book climbs the ranks! No, I’m not getting any money for it, and, yeah, I know that lots of people will download the book and never read it, but it’s still fun. Don’t rain on my parade!

Anyway, as of 7:20pm Eastern time on June 23… it’s at #60 for free action/adventure books on Not bad, but that’s only #3 445 for free books overall. The more fun numbers? It’s those wacky Germans! My little baby is at #664 free overall at, and #3 for free English-language YA SciFi-Fantasy. At least I think Jugendbucher is YA…

Well, that’s curious. I just tried Jugendbucher in Google Translate. They’re translating the full word as ‘adult books’, but agree with me that ‘jugend’ means ‘youth’. I think Google Translate may need a reboot?

But, really, the important thing is that the book is #3 on some list, even if it’s a list that earns me no money and that I can’t really figure out. Go Book! Go Book! Go Book!

ETA: 10am on June 24th, and it’s at #1 075 free on Still not great. But it’s at #10 for free Science Fiction Adventure! Top Ten! Maybe that will help…


Woo-Hoo! Amazon Top Ten!!!

For Books>Science Fiction/Fantasy>Peak Oil. There are seventeen books in this category. Still… I’m ahead of seven of them!

But, yeah, overall – a slow start. Which is what I expected. I’m not marketing this to family or friends (don’t ask me why I’m such a loser about that, but I’ve apparently decided to make writing my secret hobby), so every sale is ‘real’, someone who’s buying the book on its own merits, not because they know the author. And I’m getting some great responses from people willing to review the book. But only one actual review so far.

It’s good that I’m busy with other stuff, because if I had nothing to do other than sit around and book-watch, I’d be going insane! As it is, everything’s good. This is an experiment. There are more books where this one came from. I need time to develop a name… all that stuff. Now, back to work!

Four days in, and I’ve abandoned the plan already…

But I’m not really sure it was a good plan, so who cares, right?

I’d originally planned to have just the e-book available for a few months, until I had that under control, and then I’d work on getting the print copy out. I’m not sure why I chose that approach – I’ve been reading so many self-publishing strategies lately that they’re starting to blur together in my brain. But, that was the plan.

Except I promised myself I wouldn’t start a new writing project until tomorrow, at the earliest. That was to keep me from blasting on to the fun part and neglecting the promo that I should be doing for this book. But it was a rainy weekend, so I got a LOT of promo done, and I didn’t want to do anymore, so… Createspace! I just spent most of the afternoon fussing around with the layout and the cover and this and that, and I’m still not really sure I’ve got it right. But I think I must be pretty close. So I’ve submitted it, and now I have to wait for some sort of approval, and then there’s a proof to look at (e-proof or print? I don’t know) and THEN there’s a print copy available! Yay!

Review Requests – Fun, at the beginning

There are a lot of great YA Book Blogs out there. A lot of excellent review sites. I would like any/all of them to mention Dark Houses, preferably favourably.  It seems unlikely that they’re going to stumble over the book without a little help, so I’ve been sending review requests. A lot of review requests.

It’s hard to find something new and original to say for each blog. A few of them I’ve actually read in the past, so that’s helpful – I can honestly say I’m a reader of their work. But otherwise, I’m just finding a list of review sites, hitting links, reading their review policies to see if they’re interested in my genre (and to see if they take e-books – I will have print books of this story available eventually, I hope, but right now it’s e-book only), customizing the request as much as I can, hitting send, noting that I sent to them so I don’t duplicate (hopefully!) and then going back to the list. It’s pretty tedious.

Oh well. I wish I was writing, but… this will have to do for now.