Review Requests – Fun, at the beginning

by Catherine Dale

There are a lot of great YA Book Blogs out there. A lot of excellent review sites. I would like any/all of them to mention Dark Houses, preferably favourably.  It seems unlikely that they’re going to stumble over the book without a little help, so I’ve been sending review requests. A lot of review requests.

It’s hard to find something new and original to say for each blog. A few of them I’ve actually read in the past, so that’s helpful – I can honestly say I’m a reader of their work. But otherwise, I’m just finding a list of review sites, hitting links, reading their review policies to see if they’re interested in my genre (and to see if they take e-books – I will have print books of this story available eventually, I hope, but right now it’s e-book only), customizing the request as much as I can, hitting send, noting that I sent to them so I don’t duplicate (hopefully!) and then going back to the list. It’s pretty tedious.

Oh well. I wish I was writing, but… this will have to do for now.