Four days in, and I’ve abandoned the plan already…

by Catherine Dale

But I’m not really sure it was a good plan, so who cares, right?

I’d originally planned to have just the e-book available for a few months, until I had that under control, and then I’d work on getting the print copy out. I’m not sure why I chose that approach – I’ve been reading so many self-publishing strategies lately that they’re starting to blur together in my brain. But, that was the plan.

Except I promised myself I wouldn’t start a new writing project until tomorrow, at the earliest. That was to keep me from blasting on to the fun part and neglecting the promo that I should be doing for this book. But it was a rainy weekend, so I got a LOT of promo done, and I didn’t want to do anymore, so… Createspace! I just spent most of the afternoon fussing around with the layout and the cover and this and that, and I’m still not really sure I’ve got it right. But I think I must be pretty close. So I’ve submitted it, and now I have to wait for some sort of approval, and then there’s a proof to look at (e-proof or print? I don’t know) and THEN there’s a print copy available! Yay!