Woo-Hoo! Amazon Top Ten!!!

by Catherine Dale

For Books>Science Fiction/Fantasy>Peak Oil. There are seventeen books in this category. Still… I’m ahead of seven of them!

But, yeah, overall – a slow start. Which is what I expected. I’m not marketing this to family or friends (don’t ask me why I’m such a loser about that, but I’ve apparently decided to make writing my secret hobby), so every sale is ‘real’, someone who’s buying the book on its own merits, not because they know the author. And I’m getting some great responses from people willing to review the book. But only one actual review so far.

It’s good that I’m busy with other stuff, because if I had nothing to do other than sit around and book-watch, I’d be going insane! As it is, everything’s good. This is an experiment. There are more books where this one came from. I need time to develop a name… all that stuff. Now, back to work!