More Book Stalking – Free Books are FUN!!!

by Catherine Dale

In celebration of the release of the print copy (the gradual release, apparently, but it’s a start), I used up two of my Amazon free days, June 23 and 24. Now I’m watching as the book climbs the ranks! No, I’m not getting any money for it, and, yeah, I know that lots of people will download the book and never read it, but it’s still fun. Don’t rain on my parade!

Anyway, as of 7:20pm Eastern time on June 23… it’s at #60 for free action/adventure books on Not bad, but that’s only #3 445 for free books overall. The more fun numbers? It’s those wacky Germans! My little baby is at #664 free overall at, and #3 for free English-language YA SciFi-Fantasy. At least I think Jugendbucher is YA…

Well, that’s curious. I just tried Jugendbucher in Google Translate. They’re translating the full word as ‘adult books’, but agree with me that ‘jugend’ means ‘youth’. I think Google Translate may need a reboot?

But, really, the important thing is that the book is #3 on some list, even if it’s a list that earns me no money and that I can’t really figure out. Go Book! Go Book! Go Book!

ETA: 10am on June 24th, and it’s at #1 075 free on Still not great. But it’s at #10 for free Science Fiction Adventure! Top Ten! Maybe that will help…