About the Author

I work in a high school library, and all day long I help kids find books that they’ll enjoy reading. It’s a fantastic job and I have a lot of fantastic books to chose from, but sometimes… sometimes I think there’s room for just a little more fantastic!

My first YA novel is Dark Houses, a sci-fi story set in a future after we’ve run out of oil and other fossil fuels. Life has gotten a lot simpler, and also a lot more dangerous!

I’m also working on a contemporary YA novel, and have ideas for about seven hundred more jotted down on various slips of paper. I didn’t start writing until fairly late (not quite middle-age, I wouldn’t say, but solidly into adulthood) but I feel like my lifetime of voracious reading and imagining has prepared me well. All I need now is the time to get the ideas out of my head and onto the screen!